Primo Osteopathy

We treat all types of pain including- fibromyalgia, neck, back and shoulder problems, joint pain, sciatica, arthritis, sports injuries and are specialists in jaw dysfunction caused by grinding or clenching due to stress.
Osteopathy uses a combination of manipulation, deep tissue massage, exercises and stretching to relieve muscle tension, enhance blood and nerve supply and encourage healing through your body™s natural processes. We treat the body as a whole and work with you to activate your body™s healing capacities and readjust your mindset.
We are a family run practice and we can treat the entire family! Whether you™re a pregnant woman, have a newborn with feeding, digestive or sleeping issues, or if you need help with mobility so you can get the most out of your pensioner’s bus pass, we™re here for you!
Alongside our adjustment appointments we may recommend that you come in for a Deep tissue, sports massage. The main benefits of this are to encourage the body to flush out the toxins that sometimes get trapped in the muscles, increase blood flow and help to repair any damaged tissue.
Additional benefits include physical and psychological relief, reductions in stress levels and better quality sleep.

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