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I am Margaret and I am the owner and founder of Naturally Empowered Health. I am a Transformational Health Coach and I specialise in coaching women who struggle with emotional eating, diets and body image. Through coaching we really get to the root of your issues with food, move away from the diet mentality and build a positive respect for food and your body, with the bi – product of weight loss. I coach without the need for any deprivation diets or crazy exercise routines, just unpeeling those layers, getting to know the patterns of your triggers and working together to give you a personal toolbox of techniques so you can move away from emotional eating for good and build that healthy relationship with your body and mind.

Why? I’ve been there, for over 20 years I was an emotional eater and I ate because of stress. It all started at the age of 14 and didn’t stop until I hit rock bottom at 40 when I got divorced, lost my directors job, moved out of our house and spiralled into depression. From there the only way is up, right? I trained to be a health coach and the obvious route for me to take was to train and study in emotional eating.

Today I coach 1-1, I have a membership group called Fresh Start, and I have published my first book True Taste. I am now branching out to offer a group program to wellness CIC’s and charities that support women who have been in abusive relationships where, with funding, women can join a 12 week online program that focusses on all aspects of emotional eating including motivation & accountability, the inner critic, self sabotage, what are your triggers and how to deal with them.

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