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After a year of lockdowns, people are gagging for a proper pint, a sit down meal or a different kind of takeaway. Going out will be the new staying in!

For pubs and restaurants, it’s now all about the bounce back and how to ensure people continue to shop local, support independent businesses and protect the high street.
But social distancing and safety fears mean that venues and their customers want more contactless options and greater convenience.

The Mimu mobile phone app was a great innovation even before the world of hospitality was turned upside down.

Now, Mimu is the key to a successful reopening.

The Mimu app offers a greater level of service to your customers, while ensuring social distancing.
It facilitates table service, bar collection, takeaway and delivery – no queues, no cash, no hassle.

Mimi is free to access with a laptop or tablet and there is no signing on or admin fee.

 Mimu proactive promotion, free of charge
 Mimu User Facebook Page – regular posts and adverts, free of charge
 Mimu Vendors Facebook Group – to share tips, plan activities
 Mimu monthly email shot to all members with offers and discounts
 Mimu Facebook and Website, preferential promotion
 Mimu monthly progress meetings
 Mimu promotional competitions
 Mimu marketing campaigns and collateral

“Mimu has partnered with Argyle Satellite taxis as part of our Supporting Local focus. So if your customers don’t want to come to you – you can go to them.

It means, Mimu offers an industry leading competitive delivery service at the touch of a button, allowing you to reach and deliver to more customers and increase your revenue.

Optional delivery or back-up to your existing delivery

increased delivery capacity means maximising businesses potential

Promotional support through Argyle Satellite social media channels and their affiliates, regularly reaching more than 1,000,000 impressions every month.”

David Otter
Mimu Group Ltd

Exclusive offer for Shop Local card holders!

Coming soon!

A proud member of our Shop Local independents

Mimu Group Ltd are proud members and supporters of our Shop Local initiative!

What is it? The Shop Local Card will bring a huge variety of offers and exclusive discounts directly to you – Be inspired , and shop local with a wide range of Independent businesses, shops and Restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice!

How it works?  The card costs just £10, and will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue

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