Kelbo Moom Illustration

All of Kelbo Moom’s Art work is hand drawn and hand painted. They create a lot of one off pieces through commissions and sell prints, as well as a range of cards.

Colour is a major part of their style, Kelly just LOVES colour and there’s very little of her work that doesn’t contain it. Kelly’s art style is a mash up of realistic elements, quirky interpretation, attention to details and the characteristic rending of people, families and life. The colour element brings a splash of happiness and optimism!

Kelbo Moom’s Arty Parties:

In this strand of her business, Kelly offers Children’s Arty Parties and Creative Workshops for children and adults. Kelly designs bespoke parties based on a theme or offer a choice from pre-planned activities, exploring a wide range of materials and techniques. Having previously worked in education for 16 years, she is experienced in planning exciting and engaging activities. Kelly passionately believes that Art and Creativity taps into us positively like nothing else. In her parties and workshops, she loves seeing the sense of achievement and rise in confidence people experience when they create a piece of Art with their own hands.

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