From field 2 fork

From Field 2 Fork grew out of the idea “you are what you eat”. We’ve always been foodie people but didn’t realise quite how much this affected your body.

So we started to cook more and more from scratch, then we added in the concept of growing as much as we possibly could, so when you pick your own produce you realise just how fresh and how much more taste the food has.

Then add in other local foodie people with the same ideas and passion you realise you can also support local producers and artisan makers.

A perfect match!

“To work with other local business’s who really care about the quality of their produce.
To be involved in events organised by Independent Wirral.”

Verity Allen
From field 2 fork

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How it works?  The card costs just £10, and will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue

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