Forager’s Fancy

Forager’s Fancy  make various products by hand using foraged produce as a base ingredient.
Some examples would be Wild Garlic Pesto/Vinaigrette/Oil and Salt (all made using freshly picked wild garlic leaves and flowers),Sloe Brandy (made using foraged Sloe berries) Elderflower Cordial / Gin, Fennel Vodka, Bramble Whisky Liqueur, Rosemary Vinegar/vinaigrette, Rosehip Vinegar /Vinaigrette, Boozy fruit and nut chocolate ( made using the leftover fruit from the Sloe Brandy and Bramble Whisky).

Their aim is to produce high quality seasonal produce using locally foraged ingredients as the main focal point. Sustainability will be key for us all moving forward and I believe the more we can promote local business the better. Daniel has recently moved to the area having previously lived in East London. He has found a wealth of foraging opportunities so far and looks forward to expanding his  business  .
He is also very keen to work with other local independent producers and end users.

“I have joined Independent Wirral to grow my business and work with like minded individuals who believe in promoting the local economy” .

Daniel Moore

Forager’s Fancy

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Forager’s Fancy Wild Garlic Salt 50 grams (made with freshly picked Wild garlic leaf and coarse sea salt)

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