The dream started back in 2006 when founder Jez Lamb got a group of friends together for a beer tasting party and the idea was born! After the success of the first tasting party, friends would ask when the next one would be and after about half a dozen or so hugely enjoyable evenings the dream started to become a reality. Back then the beer ‘market’ wasn’t what it is today and that combined with a successful career in IT, plus a growing young family the idea was put on ice for a while. Now to the present day and Beers@No.42 was established in 2019 and has grown a reputation for delivering quality products coupled with excellent customer service. Beers@No.42 not only offer beer tasting party packs but also stock a wide range of speciality beers, gins & prosecco

Joining Independent Wirral really excites me as it’ll be fantastic to be able to introduce the local community to some amazing drinks that will challenge their tasted buds – the kind of drinks you aren’t typically going to find in the supermarket chains.  This, coupled with the opportunity to interact with local customers right on the doorstep to is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate a truly exceptional customer experience we have built our reputation on

Jez Lamb
Owner Beers@No.42

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