The Soap Pantry

At The Soap Pantry, we sell handmade and handcrafted soaps. All our soaps are vegan, palm oil, and plastic-free, and only scented using essential oils. Perfect for those who are conscious about the environment and their plastic usage.
We try to keep our packaging to a minimum whilst not compromising on style and can be recycled (or even better composted!)

As an adult who’s suffered from acne for most of my life and a husband who suffers from eczema flares, I wanted a more gentle and natural remedy to calm both our skin down. After noticing the difference it made, I made more and gave to others suffering from similar issues and this is how The Soap Pantry was created!

We make a range of different bases and scents to suit everyone, our items can be sold as singles or bought as a gift box – perfect for gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, or just as a treat!

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